The Novel War

The battle is fierce and frightening The unseen foe turned violent Breathless crowd chained their lives ...more

Ode To Monsoon

Adorned as the queen of seasons You reigned supreme over the souls of earth Oh! divine monsoon.... As odes, epics,...more

The Giant Microbe

Wherever we gathered blindly Nature gasped for breath Together we chased the time To conquer the world- Challengi...more

We make the world

Whom to blame when the world Drifts from its real goal? Fight between the strongest & the weakest The crooked ...more

Ode to Silence , Ring of Roses

ODE TO SILENCE The saintly sacred virtue Like the wild waves in the calm sea Non-violent response in all crisis ...more

Rain,The Big Banyan Tree

Rain Sweet showers ! How sweet You fill the air around me Drizzling touches all over Soaking the very soul Mergi...more

Muted Machine

  As a fatal blow of the fate- Many sharp spears and swords Thrusted deeper thousand times Until the throne o...more

A poem on road accident

  Ode To The Dear Departed... I remember it's on a hartal day- The dark evening of the first February; ...more

Stop not to stare

STOP NOT TO STARE On the move to the hills and valleys Tiresome trips on every day Tempting serenities on th...more