In the domains of irrelevant passion

A demanding desireSouring upChasing me to the outskirts ofContagious passionTo enhance the beautyDeliberately smuggl...more


Whenever you come You come with a bunch of memories Sometimes you drizzle the moments of love And vanish sw...more


At times murmurs, Lovely and awesome, Beholding dreams, Raising it's threshold, Flying sky high, Making bird f...more


*LOCKDOWN* Casual, technical or branded, Whereabouts unidentified, Nature knows as it enjoys, Sapiens yet in hugama.....more


  Oh my mind.. You are so elusive.. Some times, I don't understand you.. Some times I can't control you. ...more


  God once again come to the side of Budha. slowly laughed. Then pointing to the shade of bodhi tree and say...more

I See You

Prayers and appeals to see and hear Often ignored in our selfish preferences As the busy machine on the go H...more

Ode To Monsoon

Adorned as the queen of seasons You reigned supreme over the souls of earth Oh! divine monsoon.... As odes, epics,...more

Insane just in an instant!

A step forward My eyes open wide wander around as if insane May I catch some obscure scene My trembling foot wo...more

The Giant Microbe

Wherever we gathered blindly Nature gasped for breath Together we chased the time To conquer the world- Challengi...more