In the domains of irrelevant passion

A demanding desire
Souring up
Chasing me to the outskirts of
Contagious passion
To enhance the beauty
Deliberately smuggling in
All the reachable resources
Every chemical blend
That would add the fineries
Often tranquil imitations
Rousing up the glamour
In multitudes I longed for.

Yet, the time weaves the
Threads of degradation
Irremediable are the wrinkles,
Microbes of despair
Immigrating into the mind
Now, the vanity in flush-figuring
Aesthetically and artificially
Made up anatomical beauty
Slowly extinguishing…..

In a meek appearance
I am caught up, clutched by throat
I recognize the tiny itching insects
Crawling in the wedges of wrinkles
Dulling the luster, eliminating
All the upheavals, with the residual
Chemistry charred and inactive!

As I withdraw to a covert
Sentimental mood,
Yes, it’s just for a realization
That I contain an inner beauty
So sophisticated and indelible
Radiance ignited from somewhere
Deep in, I relax and resign from
All superficial, holding
The most precious self up!


The umbilical cord
That bound you to
The mother’s womb;
Was cut, yet
You are bound
Into the depths
With her life,
The truth never to be
Told and retold
Your life’s compendium
Is full of its scribblings !

Your father’s dreams
Traverse you
From his finger tips
To the galloping feet
Then rising up and fly
Only to rule over
In the kingdom of
Your ambitious dreams!

As such is the teacher
Love and care embodied
For his pupils, he stores
The goods for a life’s siesta
An invisible thread woven
Deep in the hearts
Of the young aspirers
Nothing nearer than
A Parenthood to claim!

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