The Novel War

The battle is fierce and frightening

The unseen foe turned violent

Breathless crowd chained their lives

In self-made prisons to break the chains

Fear choked their dry throats

As thousands surrendered in their struggles

They fell down suffocated and dead

Like immature fruits from stalks

Air! Air! every where

but they are unable to inhale

Became aliens in their home planet

Poisonous all the platforms around

Packed in plastic , gadgets fixed ,

masked , gloved and shielded

Emerged a new species on earth

Who washed their hands a thousand times

Alarming scenes in the battlefield

Corpses in plastic as ghastly nightmares

The remains of the dead float in the rivers

Oh! Covid 19!! a tiny deadly microbe!!

Senses fade even in the survivors

No funerals, no mournings, no last rites

Witness plastic deaths- numb and arid

Unseen tears drench even the plastic shields

Thousand armoured warriors in the forefront

Spend sleepless years in suffocating kits

Endless efforts to save precious lives

Oxygen containers on the move

As the cry for breath echoed everywhere

“Soap, Sanitizer and Social distancing”

Slogans of this Novel Virus War

More disastrous than the nuclear wars

Silent we should remain

Or Silent we must surrender!!

As the threatening novel war goes on

Let’s join our hearts and minds

To defeat the universal foe-

and sustain life on earth

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