Impressio onam special 2021/Winged Chariot/Prameela Tharavath

Prameela Tharavath

As a new sparkle to the burning fire-

We  too merge with the divine machinery

With thousand hopes of casting a heaven

And wish to scent the whole world with joy

Even the pebbles tackle , the ripples tickle ,

Brisky breeze brightens , braky brambles bridle 

We  bundle all the roses but not a thorn-

Weaving  thousand dreams to colour 

The very bubbles of  frenzied minds

 In our futile efforts to explore 

Often we slip into the mighty flames

Frowning faces fenced around-

Aimless eyes focus on the emptiness !

To convert the ashes to burning flames-

 The  essence of human existence;

‘Spare  ’! For it’s the noblest mission-

To fill the fields and plains with blooms,

Enchanting, everlasting, evergreen—

That ever appeared on the earth;

Let the  dreams dwell in us

Like a dangling pendant  in a bracelet

Like  dazzling stars in the darkest night

Like  dripping driblets from the dingy clouds

Like  dainty dew drops on the roses,

Until the winged chariot  hurries near…

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