Yesternight, When I was napping, Eyes closed, on illusory intoxication, Pushing open the casement, On d...more

Two Poems

DOG He loves. Does not know to ask anything in return. Only complete dedication. Give a handful of rice. Afterwa...more

Three Poems

O My Sweet Lord... “Sweetness You spread, In pure love You tread, In my heart You reside, O My Sweet Lord...more

    Karkatakam *

Karkatakam arrives. Afar, horizon grows dark. Wind sobs on all sides. From the dark clouds, Ready...more

Minimalism in Life and Agility at work

MinimalAgile is a way to bring Life and Work together so people can Enjoy what they do and also explore more opport...more

The Teacher The Mentor

  The umbilical cord That bound you to The mothers’ womb; Was cut, yet You are bound Into the depths Wi...more

An Earthworm And Other Poems

An earthworm An earthworm that ponders, what life after all is, needs to be given the freedom to put across its...more

In the domains of irrelevant passion

  A demanding desire Souring up Chasing me to the outskirts of Contagious passion To enhance the beauty ...more


  The Breast Cancer Awareness Month is marked across the world every October to make the people aware that br...more

Question Everything

“Pray for the victims” they all said in unison “But they were all praying” Said a young kid Some Adult signed ...more