Alive By the Sea

Walking by the sea I are reminded of beer when my feet goes half immersed in sand I am reminded of a girl a...more

Living Your Life – What does that Mean…?

I would like to say Living Life than use the word ‘Happy’ because it (Happiness) means different things for differe...more

The enlightenment

  Just at the boredom of routine heaviness I happened to transcend to the streets of bitter life So...more


  My skies Frowning in the silky brows Exactly semi-circular In its meticulous geometry Nowhere to st...more

Companions for ever

salabha krishnan Friends We are friends Companions for ever Leaving ourselves In the world of to...more

O My Kanha….

Preetha  T K O My Kanha! When on my lap reclined, Me forgetful remain, holy thoughts align, Sweet clouds...more

Interview with Nicolas Bourriaud

Nicolas Bourriaud is a curator and art critic , who has curated a great number of exhibitions all over the world. ...more

And allow all the five seasons

"And on the roads of the seasons rode, With Summer the feeling of annoyance, fury and anger... along cam...more