Three Poems

O My Sweet Lord…

“Sweetness You spread,

In pure love You tread,

In my heart You reside,

O My Sweet Lord,My Love!

May I serve You with flowers?

May I serve You with fragrance?

May I offer You sweet meats?

O command me, My Lord!

May I bathe You in holy water?

May I sing aloud Your praises?

May I dance around to please?

O command me, My Lord!

May I feed You soft butter?

May I adorn You with silk?

May I caress Your Blueness?

O Command me, My Lord!”

His eyes glittered and twinkled,

He smiled, He chuckled,

“No flowers , no sweets,

Outward fragrance I heed.

Drench me in love,

Your heart, well I read….

The language of love,

With tears you engraved.

That taste of love ,

So Divine my Radhe!

Your tears I crave,

Drench me in love ,

In your Love -Eternal!”

Why O Lord…?

“In despair I cry,

Eyes wander free,

Why Lord you play,

Hide and seek with me ?

Forsake me not,

Abandon me not,

Hide not far,

Appear my way!

Courage and strength,

Refill each breath

Ways in numerous

Seek You…so tough.

High mounts I seek,

Low valleys blue,

O Mysterious Lord,

Why hide in hue?

Yet ,with Faith I seek,

O reveal to the meek!

With patience I await

I feel holy goodness near.”

“Seek me in heart,

I reside in Love”

Quiet His whisper

I hear Him now….

I feel Him within,

In my bosom deep,

I hear Him right…

Intact, deep in me…

“Hide and seek ,

I love to play,”

His Blueness shines,

His smile ,Divine…..

O Lord…

Neither riches I crave,

Nor gems I dream.

Vanquish my ego,

Flooding love, as stream.

Make heart a temple,

Sacred oasis of peace.

May dreamy desert of life,

Turn lush green of bliss.

My tears, a flowing ecstasy,

Pouring rain of love

Nourish my mind and soul

Invoke the Lord in me.

Insight light that dawns

Make me calm, at ease

His halo, dispels dark

O Lord ! You…Unique Light of peace!


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