Two Poems

He loves.
Does not know to ask anything in return.
Only complete dedication.
Give a handful of rice.
Only gratitude lasting till death.
Call him by a name.
Will not leave you thereafter.
Only walking behind.
Give a patting.
Resting under your feet
Only devotion of love.
Oh, great men,
A mere dog.
But he,
The tender reflection of God.
“Naya” From the book “Manalezhuthu”by Sugathakumar. Translated from
Malayalam by Muraly.R

Child asks:
“Tell, Grandmother,
Why Rama deserted Sita?
What a pity!”
No answer.
Have I not offered love profusely on your feet?
Have I not considered you as my own self?
Embracing and begging
How much wept I?
But you considered trifle
And went away leaving my clasping hands.
Thirty years!
Tears full,
The ages eyes close.
Child stubborn.
“Grandmother, why silent?
What!, Tears?
Is it the thought of Sita?”

“Sita Katha” From the book “Kutathile Katal” by Sugathakumari
Translated from Malayalam by Muraly.R

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