When I was napping,
Eyes closed, on illusory intoxication,
Pushing open the casement,
On dream’s horseback
You came,
Sipping fragrance of your warm and gentle breath
When you flew to great heights,
Lifting me on your shoulders,
I forgot the self in me.
Like a dreadful serpent,
When you bit my heart,
When your divine poison started spreading in my veins,
I sipped, for a moment
The sweetness of death.
Like melted ghee,
Offering myself in your splendid fire,
I experienced supreme ecstasy for a moment.
Today morning,
Looking around,
Eyes wide open,
I see in my vacant room
Only the remains of a handful of ashes
In memory of the previous night.

(Poem:”Orupidi Charam. Poet” P M Narayanan.Translated from Malayalam
by Muraly.R)

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