A poem on road accident


Ode To The Dear Departed…

I remember it’s on a hartal day-

The dark evening of the first February;

It was just a minute ago He stepped out-

After a long lively sparks of joy.

I heard a terrible sound, How simple! I named it

“A mishap on the road”! Go on I, rocking the cradle –

Dreaming how my Dad would emerge as a saviour-

Yea, it’s He who would bring the injured home,

Then back to their lives with care-

As our house faced the dreadful road.

How could that be the strangest day?

I too rushed with my sleeping child,

Only to see my DEAR DAD on someone’s lap!

It was a bike that hit him to the skies-

The very bike that broke all our joy forever;

Mad moments posed questions many in vain!

Aimless efforts to make out the truth;

Why? But how ? None could answer!

Wasn’t He who taught to all, the rules of the road?

Wasn’t He the strongest to throw away the bike?

People murmured that was a crazy bike,

Perhaps invented only to take away precious lives!!

I took His mighty hand in tears, the very hand that moulded me!

Could I feel the slithering cold into His veins?

He was lying flat on the ambulance bed-

I could see his bleeding mouth!

Could I hear a snoring sound?

“Nothing Wrong”! He was in deep sleep!

But how could I know that was his ETERNAL SLEEP?

How could a mighty ocean dry up in seconds???

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