Ode to Silence , Ring of Roses


The saintly sacred virtue
Like the wild waves in the calm sea

Non-violent response in all crisis
Deserve decades of sacrifice
To churn violence to silence

It stitches perfectly in solitude

All the wounds of time

Let’s march on this glorious road

To enjoy the fruit of patience

And to foster all the values in abundance..



Every sunrise blooms as a red rose
Eager to adore its burning thirst

How it coloured the joyous dreams!

Fresh it’s on every blooming day

Brimming joy! Oh! Bouquet of roses!
Contentment as you struggle to find me!
Dreamy- crazy days for the red red roses

Awestruck as all the roses bloom

Only to adore this humble heart

But….. but when did it form a ring?

A strange wreathe of blood red roses!

Who could guess, those busy hands gathered –

All the roses red to make this surprise?

A sensible smile………

True I do love roses red
Though you marvel in the form of a wreathe
How can the heart reject-

The long red red roses

That merged with the colours of life?-

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