Rain,The Big Banyan Tree


Sweet showers ! How sweet
You fill the air around me
Drizzling touches all over
Soaking the very soul
Merging mind and heart
You journeyed down the earth
Through me tracing my own impulses
Often frailties washed away
Brightened up the real passions
Oh! kind showers, be the messenger
Take me away to the dream threshold of love
Stretching your long extended arms
From the skies to the sea….


Decades of perseverance

To shape thine props in thousands;

Spread out in acres of land.

Witnessed hundreds of years-

Through you pass the generations!

 Millions you serve as a Mother

Lives sprout out from you

Firm as a mountain

Bolder you tackled the threats

Generous thou art in generating-

Thine energy to the surroundings.

Alas! What could I see?

You’ve disintegrated your glory

Can I trace where you’re?

Identical faces! But where are you?

Oh! where are you my teacher?

How well you preserved your roots

Ere you disintegrate……

As an ideal teacher! Here-

I find you in thousands

Yea, the very thousands

Surround me as a riddle

Teachers ….you too unravel

Treasures of knowledge unbound-


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