The Giant Microbe

Wherever we gathered blindly
Nature gasped for breath
Together we chased the time
To conquer the world-
Challenging all other species

Just a microbe reacted
Locked down the whole world in seconds
Ordeals of pain and panic
Frightened the frozen minds
“A microbe” spelled the digital eyes
“Gigantic its powers” up-roared the naked eyes

Thousands lost their life
Lakhs and lakhs got injured
As the micro marches ahead
Never we recorded
The exploited million species
In our quixotic expedition
To pronounce supremacy!

Alas! Hard realization-
one among the million species
Lessons of coexistence
Only secret for existence
Let the tough time fades away
And the giant turned inactive..

We are again to chase our dreams
Holding close the charms of nature
Together we can relish the symphony
Our feeble and faint music
Flutter again with its mighty wings
As eternal harmony of unmerged voices…

Prameela Tharavath

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