Stop not to stare


On the move to the hills and valleys

Tiresome trips on every day

Tempting serenities on the way

Graceful divinities on the bay

But as a perfect performer

Eyes fixed only on the wide road

Though mind flickered on the fancies

Endless and aimless-

The hazardous journey

Who could stop and stare in between?

Jerked and shocked on its turns and twists

As a child on a toy chariot

Enjoying the thrilling ride

Ignoring the scenes on its way

As stopped by the invisible hands

We’re too forced to get down

From the time machine

Regretting what we missed

The heart that beats only for us

The hands that struggled to reach us

The tears that shed for us

Alas! We’re on a mad craze

A blind journey to our own grave

What we missed on our way

Perhaps….. life’s treasures

Stored only for us!!!

Stop not to stare even a little!

Sea of Life

Morning eyes blink at the vast sea

From its depths emerge hope

None can stand still on its busy shore

As the mighty waves on rule

We’re submerged in the marine water

To taste the real salts of life

Some enjoy the thrilling current

Dancing to the roaring rhythms

Many swept away mesmerized

Even by the gentle sprays:

Struggle ends as the night

Zooms in sovereign

Silent and steady we sleep

On its cold frozen shore!


Love to pack pins to kins

Dreaming stations to rejoice

Schedule trips with well designed maps

Advance steps for safe landings

Uncompromising to accommodate changes!!!

We’re here but on an open ticket

Nothing to take and none to talk

We’ve to board quite alone

As the flight lands only for us

Leaving behind our precious possessions

Abrupt, accidental and inauspicious

Often our flight will be….

Shocking, surprising and snatching:

Responding in grave silence

To wild tears, deep sighs and mournful murmurings

We will return smartly

To the land of solitude…

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