The Enlightenment


Just at the boredom of routine heaviness

I happened to transcend to the streets of bitter life

Some shambled cries penetrated my senses

Amidst the chaos of sharpening scowls

Bartering the values of self-owned valuables

Bargains leading to standardised dime-a-dozen

Chilled a cry, bundled in a beggar woman’s waist

Swallowing the sweat of thirst, a shabby soul

A mayhem meander’s ragged rugs I smelled

Drinking hot sun remonstrating in indolence

An insane, in insolent gestures, babbling

Discordant abuses splitting the nerves

Slogans raised, curses hurdled in monosyllables

Street kids in mud-clad trousers pelting stones

The old, burdened chests trapped in the living souls

The multi-facial lives caught in a lively canvas

The procession of the realities of true life

Flashed one after other, my heart rued

What I read and learned in lecture halls

Fell to bits; scattered as barren bits traded off.

The wisdom kindled in me, enlightened,

To the real upheavals of life, stimulated

I urged to leap out to the controversial world

Expedited with an enthralled will.

In a whirling phenomenon

My life I realize

Is a rigmarole

I’d amplify as to define it

None other than

Anything that evolves

Just to go round n round

And terminate in a nothing….


Often it rises up

In a tinge of biased,

Yet, a sophisticated stimulus

As a huge whirlwind

Mouth wide open

To gulp down all that

Spreading panic

Diametrically drawing vast ….


At times,

It’s an agitated ocean blue

Stirred up in a furor

Swirling round

In a new found passion

Binding curls to furl up

Keen to turn

Ringing unconsciously

Every soft brewed peace

Upside down …..


From the moment

The birth is flagged off

In due thrill mixed to

Multicoloured joy

None knows

How would it dare

To enter the churning hymns

Time-bound paralleling

And copping up

With nothing left to grasp

Ultimately sinking

Down and touch a stand still ….

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