The Mugs

There are three mugs on my table
none of them are for drinking
But they were once used for coffee
now they just fill with solid..
no liquids…

One I bought from Hawaii
I sometimes put pens in it
or pencils
or pins
bu now
there are some stickies in it
looking out at you…
not sure what..
some crap….
some scribbles

The other one says ‘Today is your day’
I can only see a marker in it
should have been in the Hawaii mug..
But I know there is more..
there are some pennies underneath
just so you know…

And the third one is a plain mug
Light blue like the sky…
nothing written on it
no coffee… nothing..
Did I just not fill it
because nothing was written on it
Are we so particular
that things don’t be simple?

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