The Anger of Nature


I dont need you

I can live happy

Without you….

But if you need to

Live, you need me

If i thrive….

You will also thrive

If i got destroyed

you will also get destroyed

The globe is

Warming and Warming……

The glaciers are

Melting and Melting…..

The Earth is and then

Flooding and Flooding……

The weather is

Changing and Changing……

No one knows the Climate

These are my play….

To empty me

from those selfish

Livingbeings to

understand them

The Value of me

The Value of protecting

The Value of Time

The Value of Respect

I do have patience

kept safe inside the soil

But if you break open

you find me the

Cruel one Forever

These all are your

Lessons to Change

Forever and ever

And if not,

Sometimes, those may

Be you last

Lesson Forever……


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