The Lost Arcadia/Sujatha Sasindran

Frequently my soul longs for a voyage
A voyage that cannot be eludible
To resume those golden days of glee,
With full of vigour and enthusiasm.

The smiling faces with pleasing temperaments
The enlightened champions with sparkling eyes
Mounting as a leading light
That brings an exhilarating elation.

The shady grove, the lovely clubbiness
The sweet warbling of the ‘avians’
The giggling and merriments merged
To form a heaven under the Sun.

The undefined guise of love
The embrace of the chilly breeze
The exuberance of the inner self
Leading to a whimsical world of rejoice.

The bits of joy, the bits of regret,
Obviously an ardour to flare up
And guided to a world of sagacity
With full of cognizance and attainments

Here comes the revelation of contrariety
That no alternation can be flexible
In regaining those golden days
Yet simply musing over it with a sigh!

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