My immortal friend



I was sitting lonely…..

Waiting for my mother

Suddenly I saw a bird

Which flew & dash

Down to the floor

In my couch

I went instantly

There I found it

With broken wings

I want to  help

But I refused back

With little panic…

Suddenly  I saw

A grumpily  cat coming up

Near to my couch

Staring at it ….

I Understood the mind

Of that greedy creature

I raised my hands

Like birds trying to fly

And caught the bird

In my  palm

And took it inside

To my little home

I took a handy

Which lay beside the table

And  covered it’s  injured wings

And made more relief to it

Suddenly it made an amicable sound ….

Which  lightened its little soft cheek

Slowly …it closed its eyes

Leaving  drop of tears …


And for many years

It was my lovely pet

Living inside a cage

I looked it like my family member

I tried to let it out

But it came to my home

Like a pet dog

Who comes by sniffing its noes…..

Months went  by ….

She became my companion

Which I thought  will last forever….

But one day it came

Made the same amicable sound

And slept in  my hand forever……


I now sitting in my couch

Still waiting for a companion

With my arms wide open……….


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