Insane just in an instant!

A step forward

My eyes open wide
wander around as if insane
May I catch some obscure scene
My trembling foot would withdraw

My ears sharpen
To pick up and pin down
An otherwise calm cover-up
Certain undercurrents
From the havoc, I pierce deep
Draw out the turbulence sucking
into my own cerebrum.

My nerves bulge
with fuming thoughts circulating
My head flares in red
Agonies trumpeting in…

And now
Myself withering wayward
Feet dashing out zig-zag
Hands in dramatic actions
Fingers curl up, twisting often
Then undone…!

Now my sharpened tongue
Roar to the naked truths
“Where do you hide …. out … out …. please”

Wow! I am dancing amidst
wonderful characters of Kafka!

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