I See You

Prayers and appeals to see and hear

Often ignored in our selfish preferences

As the busy machine on the go

Hardly does it heed her wishes

A sudden shock reckons,

to reverse the wheels

to wait and fight to get a glance

Eager and earnest to feel a breath..

Posing statues at closed glass doors

Impatient to read “No Admission”

For the patient reads only one name

As magic  to the diseased mind.

It’s the same physique but fatigued

As suppressed thoughts lay still

In the chill cool medicated machine

Like a frightening ice grave;

Blessed to see the frozen face

The feeble sound of heartbeats

The ever-ending melody

Thousand calls to hear the sound

The sound of her silent existence…

The missed calls in my machine

Struck me like a thunderbolt from the skies!!


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