Dazzling ! but…/Geetha Ravindran

Lovely drops you shed
in mighty moods,
Diffusing in the vastness
round my entire domain
deflect in unison !

These vibrant rainbows
are heavenIy bound
Multicast in the horizon !

I look up
In an infatuated moment.

Oh! Am l lost in my voyage
to catch up
your brightened scindilations…?

Do my heart throb?
My sail – wings shrink fold, crumbling ?

l dive deep
into the backpacks
of your cloudy yards…

l wonder, how did it darken
and draw cloudy…

l simply ponder
in dismay
about your dismal,
dried up, earthy moods
Evapourated in fuming pace…

How much your being
would have boiled
In the ignited agonies…

You shower
twinkling droplets
in unconditional grace
up on my barren heart!

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