Companions for ever

salabha krishnan


We are friends

Companions for ever

Leaving ourselves

In the world of togetherness

We are like a beach

The sand being me

And the waves being you

When you pass by me

I could see the picture of

Laburnum in front of my eyes

And the smell of rose that

Touches my nose

And I feel that I am

Floating in the air

Holding hands with you


  The Childhood

I wish I could stay like this for ever

I wish if I could live always in

this lovable memories

I wish if  I could play in my future hide and seek

Or the games which I liked now

I wish I could stay like a

Lovable pet of my parents as one

Carried upon their back

I wish if I could do the pranks which I do today

I wish I could see my favourite character

Of my comic and see the  cartoons

of my loved ones as

The character of my grandmother’s soap operas

I wish if I could roll myself on the ground

I wish if I could hear the scolding of the teacher

Which is not liked by any one

I wish if I could draw a picture of a child

Representing myself bounded by their parents

I wish I could ever sleep in my own bedroom

Painted with pink walls and

The character which I love most

I wish if I could sleep in

My own bed with the bed

Sheet of the piggy’s face

I wish if I can ever go again

As a student in a class in my future

I wish if I ever I could celebrate

The children’s day ever in the future

So I want to enjoy the present

Thinking of the lovable memories of past

And forgetting the future

I like my childhood the most



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