Yuval Noah Harari’s ‘Sapiens’

I was in two minds to write a review on Yuval Noah Harari’s book ‘Sapiens’. My first thought was to do a combined review after I finish Homo Deus. But that will take time as two other books have come in between. So here we go on Sapiens.

Sapiens has been on my reading list for a while, but anything over 300 pages kind of gets me cold feet. Yes, it does… But then I started seeing references to ‘Sapiens’ in other books that I read and to the point of getting it and going for it. It is a big book (my standards) but very engrossing and an easy read.

Yes you might hear some people say it is not that factual and so on. People will always have an opinion especially on things that are in debate. Yuval for me brings some original thoughts in front of us. It also gives a premise for opposing thoughts to converse. My take is whether you are left, right, center or your head is all turned backwards it has something for you to ponder.

Yuval takes us through the history of the human kind through four parts, Cognitive revolution, Agricultural Revolution, The Unification of Humankind and the Scientific revolution.

The beauty for me was that the book was so easy to read and I would say it is also a potential reread later in time. That is once you have given a lot of pondering and have also explored his Homo Deus.

The book is a few pages over 400 pages and I can say it was also one of the books that that read faster than some of the 250 pagers that I have read.

Add it to you reading list…

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