The Poetic Creations/Sujatha Sasindran

How marvellous nature’s creations!
Each enthrals its own grandeur
Each asserts its own essence
And each recounts its own dialect.

The mumbling of the leaves
The gentle hugs of the breeze
Turn out to be a bewitching feast
To the onlookers of all ages.

The rivers giggling and running
And hurried towards the culmination
To congregate the blue-brine
And the waves were drenching the sand.

The land and water permeated
With humans and marine creatures
They converse and accomplish
And partaking sorrows and happiness.

The dwellers of the sacred woods
The birds in the vast sky
Eat, drink and make merriment
And lead a carefree life with nature.

  ✍️  -Sujatha Sasindran

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