STONES/M k Harikumar

Translation : Murali R

Stones building a past.
wearing the veil of own stillness,
They make silence strong
Without visualising some movements.

They don’t understand the task
Which doesn’t make any hindrance to any faith.
Like ideas,
Being erased by Time,
Stones also abandon memories.
Somewhere in the sky.
Like us,
Stones also searching for them.

Without believing any emotion to become guardian or path,
In the opaque of the world outside,
Like us, stones also hide themselves.
Stones keep a place,
A confluence of all doors,
Which never opens even when knocked.
But they never look at the doors or
The silent cycle of seasons inside them with expectations.
Stones transforms reminders that Time gives
Into stillness of stilence.
It’s not knowledge of the stones, but dispassionate,
To know it is futile to vacate on their own own
Or to be vacated by others.
A change of form, destruction, journey-
All different states of hallucinatory lives.
To pass through some illusions like renunciation, purity, virtue
Is the new oneness for the stones.

Delightful forgetfulness.
Mysterious flow of desire.
Stones love all.
But they don’t expect anybobody.
Even when loves,
They don’t worry about parting or coming back.
They know,
The meaning of birth is to become
Extreme form of silence,
Suppressing immense aversion within.

Everything is there in the stones;
Today’s happenings
To tomorrow’s separations.
Stones are journeying.
When two persons kiss each other,
They enter, unnoticed, as lips.
When mating,
They listen attentively for the ultimate oblivion.

When smiling,
Lurking, they, caress the cold inactions,
While working,
Stones occupy positions below our seats.
We can sit on them.
It is the work of stones
To act as the middlemen infront of all clients.

When lovers do not sit very close,
Stones have lot of work.
They do not sleep.
Without wasting any single moment,
They place the lovers in separate cells.
Demolishing the cells
Is a challenge to each lover.

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