Poems of Kunjunni

1. I am a rented house
Who is residing in it?

2. Will ask the rising sun:
Which is the East of the East?
East of the North?
East of the West?
Which is the West?
This is to know my South.

3. Each word
A sky.

4. I, too, am a flower,
A tiny flower,
A flower to all.

I, too, am a fire,
A big fire,
A fire only to myself.

5. A small tree.
In it, a big forest.
That is my mind.

6. I have a world.
You have a world
We have no world.

7. For dreaming,
Should there be moonlight?

8. When she was alive,
Flowers always blossomed in my mind.
She departed.
Even now, in my mind,
A flower stands blossomed,
A black flower.

Translated from Malayalam by Muraly.R

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