O My Kanha….

Preetha  T K

O My Kanha! When on my lap reclined,

Me forgetful remain, holy thoughts align,

Sweet clouds of love, you spread surround,

Gladden and  hearten all souls around.

Lush green meadows, sing songs and stay,

You sway in harmony, all praise your ways.

Merciful smile, cascades love alone,

Rosy blushes brim, divine  sweetness borne.

My caressing touch, in deep trance you bound,

Lullabies I hum, lips attuned aloud.

Anxious feel…i pray, your sleep, peace and sound,

O light of my world! Eyelids close awhile, inner light astounds!

O Cheerful Enticer! Charming Blueness dear,

Your presence..  lures me afar steer.

O Kanha…sail on..sail on..in my cradle arms,

Sleep well… I pray, may my lullabies enchant!

His Sweet Memories….
As crystal clear,
In His mind’s eye steer,
Maa Yashodha – Nanda,
With His Gopis dear.
Gobbled butter sweet,
Roamed with herd of cows,
Bathed in memories,
Krishna in tears….
Tears welled in love ,
His misty eyes,
Chants her name alone…
O My dear soul.”
In His thoughts she rowed,
In her smile, He glowed,
She made Him cool…
Vrindavan a dream,
A bygone dream…
She wondered why,
Devi Satyabhama perplexed
“Why Lord in tears ?
Lost in thoughts?
Why in silence dream?
O Maa Rohini !
Your help I plead !”
Consoled soft, Maa she said,
“Vrindavan His glory,
Memories haunt Him dear,
Krishna, friend-beloved-son,
All love in tons.
With His flute He enchants,
He plays in fun,
Our Supreme Lord,
Pure innocent one !
Feathers fresh, decked His head,
With all cowherd boys,
He flaunted, tread.”
His pastime glories,
He heard , cherished,
His home, Vrindavan,
Spread smiles, no worries.
He craved for more…
Childhood days of love,
“Speak on …speak on..”
His soul whispered,
“O Maa sweet memories of Vrindavan,
I wish to hear…..”

Life… A Marathon!

Never give up!

Life a marathon,

Trophies and failures,

Not in hands.

Grab our strength,

And run ahead,

Keep our goal, vision,

Each breath…each breath!

Tracks some smooth,

Welcome with smile.

Yet few tough,

Too rough, uncouth.

At times we panic,

Move uphill and downhill,

Weird roads of life,

Some steep, too high!

Few steps we miss,

In crowd amidst.

Ignore those steps

Move in bliss.

Keep the spirits

High fluttering high ,

Keep the race,

Move to goal, insight!

Laurels and titles,

Showers riches and gold,

“Winner”,  world proclaims,

Moments so transient!

Real joy, a feel,

Run the race well,

Pass on… pass on,

The baton of Life!!!

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