My Vow to Lord


Every sunshine a gift ,

From Thee O Lord!

Thy Will alone,

Lights my way.

Before Thy altar,

I bow in love,

Thy name on lips,

I chant, I vow.

Strong belief I behold,

Thy courage fill.

To abide my vow,

Thy strength refill.

Light my path and lead,

Brighten with Thy smile,

At Thy feet I lie,

I pray, I vow.

As a glow worm -shine,

For a while we fly,

Spread Light at sight,

Too brief, stay right.

As a guest, short visit,

In this world, a stay,

Thy Light alone,

I bathe, I vow.

Each day new start,

True vow from heart.

With my hands on flame,

I vow to Thee…

My love forever,

Flow to Thee O Lord!

My breath intake,

In love, I bow,

Thy name I vow…

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