Moonlight has sweet smell

What a sweet smell to this moonlight!
You know moonlight has sweet smell?
Even to me it was unknown.
I know moonlight has much beauty.
Little intoxication,
Is white and cool.
I very much like it too.
But moonlight has sweet smell!
Knew only today,
In the moonlight you stood beside me,
Wayside lamps all went out,
Shadows all melted in darkness,
Embracing each other,
We walked together.
It was then I recognized
Moonlight has sweet smell!
Enticing sweet smell!
Sweet smell of an expanding heart.
Sweet smell of a smile ,
Looking up,
Holding hands,
On the edge of a glittering cloud.

“Nilavinnu Manamundu”  Poet:Sugathakumari. Translated from Malayalam by Muraly.R

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