A true woman ,Life… A Marathon!,

A true woman
She, as the mighty Goddess,
Inner vigour she perceives,
Holy-Supreme, A woman,
Incredible lifeblood seeps.
Low meekness she wakes up
Robust-power reveals.
She, the torch of courage,
Womanly birth, a zeal!
In freedom, righteous her flight,
Ways independent she thinks.
All eyes she delights,
She rejoices, she elates.
Fearless challenges meet,
Tears,her strength not stress.
Never vulnerable-helpless,
As a phoenix she rises -blessed.
Into this world she appeared,
A friend, a daughter, a mother….
Roles in myriads she conquers,
Unparalleled beauty within.
Her heart, her mind ,her soul
Her love as heavenly shower,
All bind in harmonious whole,
Precious a woman, she, A Divine mother !


Life… A Marathon!

Never give up!

Life a marathon,

Trophies and failures,

Not in hands.

Grab our strength,

And run ahead,

Keep our goal, vision,

Each breath…each breath!

Tracks some smooth,

Welcome with smile.

Yet few tough,

Too rough, uncouth.

At times we panic,

Move uphill and downhill,

Weird roads of life,

Some steep, too high!

Few steps we miss,

In crowd amidst.

Ignore those steps

Move in bliss.

Keep the spirits

High fluttering high ,

Keep the race,

Move to goal, insight!

Laurels and titles,

Showers riches and gold,

“Winner”,  world proclaims,

Moments so transient!

Real joy, a feel,

Run the race well,

Pass on… pass on,

The baton of Life!!!

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