Muted Machine

  As a fatal blow of the fate- Many sharp spears and swords Thrusted deeper thousand times Until the throne o...more

A poem on road accident

  Ode To The Dear Departed... I remember it's on a hartal day- The dark evening of the first February; ...more

Stop not to stare

STOP NOT TO STARE On the move to the hills and valleys Tiresome trips on every day Tempting serenities on th...more

As I murmur…….

It is not for me to bother but yet I decided to climb; and as the clouds descended every step I found myself alone...more

My dreams

  I endorse my dreams to stroll around To the netherworld that dominates My intense animated though...more

One, Truth

  One Your absence is the presence of mine No one can separete us yes you are the one , I am not we...more

The Anger of Nature

  I dont need you I can live happy Without you.... But if you need to Live, you need me If i thrive...more

Alive By the Sea

Walking by the sea I are reminded of beer when my feet goes half immersed in sand I am reminded of a girl a...more

Living Your Life – What does that Mean…?

I would like to say Living Life than use the word ‘Happy’ because it (Happiness) means different things for differe...more

The enlightenment

  Just at the boredom of routine heaviness I happened to transcend to the streets of bitter life So...more